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Open Court is the largest collection of free Open Court Resources on the internet. It has been providing resources to assist teachers of the Open Court Reading Program since 2002. All resources on the site are free and organized by grade level and Open Court Reading unit. Every attempt has been made to make the site compatible with all editions of the Open Court Reading program. In fact, all of the units included here can be used as thematic units by elementary school teachers of any grade and any basal reader. Resources are intended to appeal to students of multiple learning modalities and English Language Learners and integrate technology into the curriculum with powerpoint, digital video, and the internet.

Open Court provides reading resources for teachers using the Open Court Reading Curriculum in grades pre-K-6. Resources for promoting literacy vary by unit and grade level, however, you can expect to find lesson plans, GLAD chants, powerpoints, movies, picture files, links, the Open Court Reading Discussion Board, recommended literature, and a complete sight word teaching system aligned with the 1st grade and kindergarten decodable books as well as links for further research.

Before you leave, please sign the guestbook to share your experiences with promoting literacy and the implementation of the Open Court Reading program. Thank you for visiting Open Court

Please contact Mathew Needleman if you have any Open Court Reading resources you would like to share.

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