Open Court Theme:

Grade 5 - The Civil War

Unit Opener Ideas:

Submit Unit Opener and Closer Ideas for this Unit

Civil War Unit Opener Powerpoint by Shannon Binns

Powerpoint Presentation by Harding Elementary

Favorite Unit Books:

Independent Work Time:

Independent Work the missing manual of how, why, and what to do during IWT

Integrating Technology:

Veteran's Day Presentation by Henry Anker

Lesson Plans:

GLAD Unit: The Civil War

Civil War Thematic Literacy Unit

Civil War Lesson Plans


American History Films & Speeches Online (these have commercials)

Invitation to the Nation

Gettysburg a student film

Civil War Plano Middle School Project


Civil War Unit Opener Powerpoint by Shannon Binns

More Civil War Powerpoints


Writing Report Template from Harding Elementary


Life During the Civil War Between the States

The Cost of Peace

Civil War Quest

Most Critical Civil War Battles

Links for Research:

Books About the Civil War for Kids

Maps of the Civil War - Library of Congress

Thousands of Civil War Photographs

The Civil War Home Page

Civil War Free Clip Art

Civil War Links

Civil War Internet Paths to Explore

Half Slave and Half Free

Carrying the Running-Aways

So I Became a Soldier

Charley Skedaddle

Ask Earl

Historic Places Connected with Abraham Lincoln

NASA Quest Archives

The History Place presents Abraham Lincoln

The Underground Railroad @

Yahooligans! - Civil War

Harriet Tubman fantastic site

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