First Grade:
Open Court Sight Words

Sight Words Aligned with Decodables
and Dolch Word Lists

First Grade Sight Word Turtles and Homework:

OCR 2000

Open Court 2000 First Grade Turtles
aligned with decodable books
How do I use these?

Blank Turtle

Turtle 1 (Weeks 1-3)

Turtle 2 (Weeks 4-5)

Turtle 3 (Weeks 6-7)

Turtle 4 (Week 8-13)

Super Turtle! (Turtles 1-4 All-in-One)

Turtle 5 (Week 14-25)

Color Words Turtle

Number Words Turtle

Weekly Homework Sheets for Turtles Open Court 2000 Weeks 1-25

Parent Report Letters for Assessment Based on Turtles OCR 2000 Weeks 1-25

Turtle Words by Week List
order in which words are introduced in decodable books

Word Counts in Decodable Books
(use for fluency testing)

OCR 2002

Weekly Homework Sheets for Open Court 2002
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Sight Word Assesment/Parent Notes
to use with OCR 2002 Sight Word Homework

24 Weeks of Spelling Lists for OCR 2002 by Ceres Unified

Sound/Word Intros in Decodables List (2002)
which sounds are introduced in which book

Other First Grade Sight Word Info/Lists:

Word Counts in Decodable Books
(use for fluency testing)

1st Grade Online Flashcards

Alphabetized First Grade Sight Words

Dolch Words

Recommended Books:

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