Writing Rubric (All About Me Books)
Criteria Your Score
Writing is all capital letters or all lower case.

There are some capital letters sometimes in the right places. 
Beginnings of all sentences start with a capital and so does the word "I." Names might not be capitalized. 
Beginnings of sentences are capitalized as well as the word, "I", and the names of places and people. 
There is no punctuation. 
There is some punctuation and it is sometimes used correctly. 
Basic punctuation (periods, question marks, and exclamation marks) are used correctly. There may be runon sentences. 
Punctuation is used correctly. There are no runon sentences. 
There is no space between words. Everything is smushed together. 
There is some space between words but some words are smushed together. 
Space is left between words so that the writing can be read.  
Space is left between words and the letters are formed so that the writing is very easy to read and looks neat.